Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Book Review: Black

Black by Ted Dekker is the first novel in the Circle Trilogy.
Black (Books of History Chronicles: The Circle, #1)
In this story we follow Thomas Hunter.  Thomas is one day walking home from work in Denver and is suddenly being chased and shot at.  In the midst of all this he is grazed by a bullet and is knocked unconscious.  When he wakes up he is no longer in Denver.  He is somewhere completely different.  Thomas has stumbled into a different reality.  A reality that can effect what happens in the other reality.  When he sleeps in one, he is awake in the other and vice versa.  Both realities need help and Thomas is the one who can provide it.  In one there is the threat of airborne virus that could take out the entire world in a matter of three weeks, and in the other is the spread of evil.  In the alternate reality good and evil are more prevalent and visual.

I really enjoyed this book.  It can be quite a page turner.  It's a mix of suspense, sci-fi and fantasy and has a Christian touch to the subject matter.  There is also a little love in the mix too.

Now I soon get to start on the next book, Red, as soon as the library lets me know that it is available!