Wednesday, July 31, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 22

You can read Psalm 22 here.

How often do you feel abandoned by God?  David felt this way here.  I have felt this way in my life.  Why has He forgotten us?  Why has he turned from us?

When we have hardships and are still searching for God you can hear the world mocking you.  Why are you trusting God?  What's he done for you lately?

But you know what?  These people just don't get it.  They don't see what it means to love God and be loved by God.  We are set apart.  We belong to him.  Knowing where you belong can make it all worth it.

There were so many times in David's life where things were hard.  I would venture to say that times were more hard than easy for David.  But God was there.  Always.  David was a man after God's heart.  God loved him and took care of him.  It might not have seemed that way sometimes but I think God back off just a bit to help strengthen us along the way.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 21

You can read Psalm 21 here.

Another Psalm about a friend.  David is praising God for the blessings that he gave someone else.  It is always great to thank God for the things that he has done for us and for others; to thank him for the miracles that he had performed.

I am so thankful to him for all that he has done.

Monday, July 29, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 20

You can read Psalm 20 here.

This Psalm is a prayer for a friend.  Davis is asking for favor on behalf of someone else's battle instead of his own.

I think this is something important and something we should do regularly... Pray for others.  When we do this we are sharing in another persons life.  We are asking God for help or blessing or thanks for them.  We also do this with them.  We stand together in prayer.

I also think that verse 7 is particularly amazing.  It shows so much of the attitude of the world.  They fight a physical battle.  They fight with weapons and cause trouble.  But we have God.  We trust in him and we know that he has our backs.

Book Review: Moving Day

I love when I get to spend time reading with my kids.  Recently I got Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls: Moving Day from the library with the intention of reading it with Sidda.  When I started reading to her MJ decided to join in to.  They both loved the story and are excited that we are starting on the next book.  But let me tell you a little about Allie Finkle.

Allie Finkle just started fourth grade.  And now she has just found out that her family is moving to another part of town so that her parents can be closer to work.  For Allie and her brothers this means new house, new school and new friends.

Allie doesn't want to move.  She likes her house and her room.  And her rock collection that she keeps on the floor of her closet.  If they move she has to get rid of her collection!

But at the same time Allie has started having problems with her best friend Mary Kay.  After Allie accidently spills the beans about moving to a classmate on Mary Kay's birthday, she has stopped being Allie's friend.

Allie is determined to be a better friend so she starts her book of rules.  It's a book that Allie writes to keep track of the rules of friendship and as she discovers them on the way.

Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls: Moving Day by Meg Cabot is a fun book that was right up the alley of my 7  and 5 years olds.  I found it entertaining and often laughed right along with the kids through Allie's adventures. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to sit down and read an easy entertaining book for kids.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Picture Post

Just some pictures of what has been going on around here.

Anya napping


Kids switched rooms.

More room for the crib that way

Yes, MJ's walls are pink.  That will change soon.

Anya is hanging out on MJ's bed

My awesome new earrings

My snack! Shredded chicken, avocado and a little mayo.  Yum!

Kids slept in!  I has oatmeal and read a book!

Yay!  On our way to church!

Michael is super awesome!

They sure are silly!

Hey! She's awake!

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 19

You can read Psalm 19 here.

An awesome Psalm.  I'm starting to enjoy the Psalms a little more.  It's not feeling like its such a chore every single day.  I can't say every day I will enjoy it but I am pressing on to continue on my days through the Psalms.
So what can be said about the greatness of God that everything cried out in praise to him?  You can't go through life without noticing his majesty in all of what he created.  Not just the creation of man but in the creation of everything.  There is beauty in all of what he made.  It's amazing how it all perfectly came together.  How can anyone deny God while seeing the world as a whole?
And above all else he made man.  He made us. 

And he also mindful of us.  He didn't leave us alone.  He is here.  

Saturday, July 27, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 18

You can read Psalm 18 here.

David is singing God's praise after he has been delivered from the hands of Saul.

He talks about how God is his strength and without God going before him he would have never been able to conquer his enemies.  He gives his love and praise to God as God has made David king over the people.

Friday, July 26, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 17

You can read Psalm 17 here.

David is praying to God.  He is telling him about the good he has done, about how how he has followed the path that God set him out on and about how he hopes to remain in God's good graces.  At the end he talks about his desire to see God's face when he finally leaves this life.

Big Crib, Little Baby

Well, it happened.  Last night Anya spent her first night out of her cradle in our room and moved into the crib in Sidda's room.

Sidda has anxiously been awaiting this day since Anya was born.  She has been so excited to share her room with her baby sister.

I'm a little sad that she is now too big for the cradle.  All my babies have used that cradle and I was sad each time they had to move out of it.  But it's ok.  Because she is getting older and now likes to play and smile and giggle.  She grabs on to things and does not want to let go.  She is eating her rice cereal and cannot get enough of it.

She will be 5 months old in a couple of days.  Man, the time has flown by so fast.

First time in her crib.  Her grandma made her crib set.  It's awesome!

Sidda was very tired but wanted to be in the picture.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 16

You can read Psalm 16 here.

This is a psalm of praise.  David is speaking of the goodness of the Lord.  Because they Lord is, well, good.  God is our everything and rejoice in him.  He will always be with us.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 15

You can read Psalm 15 here.

Can you hang with God?

I want to.  I really find that God is awesome but I know that if I'm not doing what is right I won't be in his presence the way I desire to be.

What does God ask of us?  We learn in Mark 12 that we are to love God and love others.  Seems simple enough, right?  But we fail in this daily.

In this Psalm it says that those who speak truth and do not slander are among those who will not be shaken.  But how often do you find yourself speaking badly about anyone?  The driver who cut you off?  Gossiping?  Anything that speaks ill of anyone else- whether truth or not?

I know that I am guilty of this at times.  And when I do these things I am not honoring God because I am not loving others.  And I think that this is something I need to be reminded of daily.  Love others.

This Psalm also says that we must keep our oath even if it hurts.  Wow.  Keep your promises.  If you say that you are going to do something, do it.

These things seem so simple and yet we as a human race are sinful, lazy people and just don't do these things.  We need to take the steps to make a conscious effort to put our focus outwards on God and others and will find our relationship with God flourish.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 14

You can read Psalm 14 here.

The world is full of fools!  They say that there is no God!  What craziness is that?  God is searching for the righteous.  The corrupt fear the good.  Salvation will soon come from Israel.

What's for Dinner?- Hamburgers and French Fries (with homemade buns)

I love days that I get to spend in the kitchen!  I love to cook but I really haven't been able to like I like because Anya has a way of needing me right when it is time to get to work.  But last night I was able to make some homemade hamburger buns to go with our burgers and fries!

Found black grapes at the grocery store!  They were an awesome snack!

Before they went into the oven.
The recipe I used for the homemade hamburger buns from the Brown Eyed Baker.  You can see it here. These were some of the best buns I ever had.  They were delicious, but didn't take away from the other flavors on the burger.

For the the burger patties I just took some ground beef, a little salt and pepper and mixed it all up and shaped into patties.  And I think that they turned out amazing!  Michael grilled them up perfectly! (Yup, this was a bit of a team effort.)

The finished product.  I topped mine off with tomatoes and avocado!


Monday, July 22, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 13

You can read Psalm 13 here.

Will you forget me forever?  How many times have I asked God this same thing?  There are times when I am so self involved that I feel that God has left me.  I get focused on me, me, me and I don't put my focus on him.

But even when I feel alone I must trust in him.  I know that he does not fail me.  I may fail but he doesn't.  So I must continue to praise him even when I feel separated from him.

Baby's First... Cereal

It's crazy how fast our kids grow.  This morning Anya had her first taste of rice cereal.  And you can see for yourself that she liked it.  We weren't moving fast enough for her.  I really just can't believe it.  Can't she stay little for just a little longer?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 12

You can read Psalm 12 here

The godly people seem to have gone.  They only boast of themselves and only speak nothing of the Lord.  But God protects the weak and takes care of his own.  He is our strength and protector.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 11

You can read Psalm 11 here.

It seems the Psalms of David has a very specific pattern of what they are about.  Essentially, the wicked are evil and can't be around God and he will look out for the righteous.

This is what this one is about again.  David takes refuge in God.  God is his protector.  The wicked are out to get him and do not love God.  But the Lord knows the hearts if everyone and he is watching.  Justice will be given.

Friday, July 19, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 10

You can read Psalm 10 here.

Why when bad things happen does God seem so far away?  Why do the wicked get to cause so much trouble without fear of the Lord?  Why do God's followers seem helpless?

These are some of the questions that David asks in this Psalm.  They are questions that are still asked over and over again today.

But the truth is that God is God.  He does things the way he sees fit and in his timing.  So we may feel as if he is standing back and doing nothing but we know that he is working.  He is always taking care.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Belong

Five Minute Friday

To read what Five Minute Friday is all about click here.

Belong... has so much meaning for such a small word.  There are so many times in my life that I felt like I didn't belong.  Like I was just faking it.

There are times when I felt like I didn't belong with the group of friends that I hung out with in high school.  Times when I felt like I didn't belong in places I was.  In jobs I was in.  Many things.

We want to belong and be loved.  There are so many times when I am standing in a group of people and think "I just don't belong here..."  And it's mostly my insecurities.  I don't think that people really like me sometimes.  I feel like I just don't know where I fit in.

But I'm reminded of a song.  Goes perfect with this.  It's Where I belong by Building 429.

The chorus says:

All I know is I'm not home yet
This is not where I belong
Take this world but give me Jesus
This is not where I belong.

How true is that?  Maybe I feel so out of place sometimes because I don;t really belong here.  I have a job to do while I'm here and that's ok because one day I'll be home where I do belong.  That gives me hope.  That makes me happy.

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 9

You can read Psalm 9 here.

So, we praise God.  That's what we should start each day as, right?  Praise.  Praise to God is good for the soul.

God will judge us.  He will send the wicked away and keep the righteous for himself.

And that my friends is it for today's Psalm in my words.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 8

You can read Psalm 8 here.

God is pretty awesome about how much he loves us!  He has decided to care for us and left us to take care of all of his creation.

What an great blessing for us!  That is such trust that he puts in us.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 7

You can read Psalm 7 here.

So David is again being persecuted.  He does not have great luck with this.  I mean, he always gets out of it but for some reason many people just do not like David.  Poor David.

David is talking to God and says that if he actually did what they are accusing him of then let them get him.  But God saves him once again.  God takes care of his own.

Verse 15 says "He who digs a whole and scoops it out falls into the pit he has made."

Ummm.... Wow.  It's the total truth.  In life we cause many of our own problems.  We dig our own grave and usually need help to get ourselves out.  For me, that help comes from family and friends and always God.

He is pretty awesome!

What's for Dinner?- Roast Chicken

Last night I made roast chicken.  Out of a whole chicken!  And not to brag or anything but it turned out awesome!

I usually just throw a whole chicken in my crock pot to make shredded chicken to freeze.  That way I always have some ready to put in casseroles or enchiladas or whatever.  But this time I wanted to do something else.  You know actually cook it to eat right away, not to save for later.

So here is what I did.  I put my oven on 375 and while it was preheating I mixed some butter with parsley, salt and pepper.  I put some of it under the skin on top over the breasts, and then poured the rest on top over all the skin.  Then I put it in the oven for 40 minutes.  After it beeped I turned up the oven to 450 and let it cook for another 30 minutes.  And it was beautiful!  It smelled so good and made a wonderful dinner!

Monday, July 15, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 6

You can read Psalm 6 here.

When we are hurting, physically, emotionally or even spiritually it can feel like God has turned away.  We can cry out over and over again just waiting for an answer that feel like it is never going to come.

It feels like the waiting can make us weak but we gain strength from the endurance.  And then God answers us.  He hears the prayers we have been giving.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 5

You can read Psalm 5 here.

David wrote this Psalm.  In the first stanza he talks about God listening to his word.  He has a confidence that God hears what he is saying.  We should pray with confidence.  We know that God hears.

God does not delight in evil.  He wants no part of it.  Evil can't even be next to him.

We can be certain of God though.  He does not change.  We can be joyful in his presence that is always, always with us.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Packing it all up

What a sad day today is! I've been putting it off for as long as possible. Today I have packed away all of Anya's newborn clothes.  She no longer fits anymore.

I'm so excited that she is growing and is healthy but I just wanted her to be a tiny little baby for a little longer.

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 4

You can read Psalm 4 here.

Again we see David praising God for answering when he calls out to him.  He sets the faithful apart from others. We should rest easy being in the comfort of God's presence.

David also questions the motives of people.  Why do we seek out false gods?  We should be searching out for God and praising him instead of giving our time and effort to anything above him.

Friday, July 12, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 3

You can read Psalm 3 here.

This Psalm was written by David as he fled from Absalom.  How much does it suck for him to have fear of his child?  It would be a terrible thing to have a child so greedy that they chose to kill you.  Poor David has never had it easy.

But what does he do when he is distraught?  He calls out to God.  God, he knows, is his protector.  No matter how many times that David failed God never did.  His heart was focused on God and God delivered him again and again.

It's a beautiful thing to be able to cry out to the Lord.  We call out to him and he gives comfort.

200th Blog Post and a Giveaway

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 2

You can read Psalm 2 here.

Oh there those people go again.  They're being all selfish and stuff.  They just don't want to listen to God and know that he is God.  Nope, they want nothing to do with him.

But God just laughs because he knows who his king of the earth is.  His Son is the king and he's coming.  We need to be smart and take refuge in Jesus.

That I guess is my basic synopsis.  This Psalm is talking about the coming of the Messiah.  The nations want nothing to do with him.  It's sad how we are as people.  We seem to not see what's good for us; even when it's staring us straight in the face.

Homemade Coffee Creamer

I don't know about you but I need creamer in my coffee.  I really, really do.  I've tried to drink it black.  I just can't.  I am weak when it comes to coffee tastiness that is the creamer.

Imagine my disappointment when I opened my 'fridge to find no creamer in sight.  I was devastated!  I still had my jammies on and I didn't want to pack up the baby just to get coffee creamer for my morning wake up.

My good morning cup!
Then I remembered something awesome!  I had pinned a recipe for homemade creamer a million years ago. This morning I put it to use.  You can find the recipe here.

It worked!  I love it! I may never be without creamer again!
This little munchkin is 19 weeks old today