Monday, February 2, 2015

Book Review: A Lifelong Love

I heard of A Lifelong Love by Gary Thomas through blog that I follow, To Love, Honor and Vacuum. They are doing a challenge for the year to read 12 books, one book a month, that is about marriage. Even if you have the best marriage, it can always get better.

A Lifelong Love: What if Marriage is About More Than Just Staying Together?

That's the goal, right? Staying together.

I believe that there is more to marriage than just the longevity of it. And that where this book comes in.

It was an easy but thought provoking read. Each chapter ended with questions that really got you to think and apply the new information to you marriage.

It talks about God not being just you Heavenly Father but he is also your spouses Heavenly Father and essentially you Father-in-Law.

To bring perspective: How would you feel if your child's spouse was not not treating them with the love that they should? That they weren't appreciative or affectionate?

How would this make you feel? Pretty unhappy with the one they married.

Think about how God feel when we do not take care of our spouses in that way, God is sad because his child is not being treated well.

Kind of punches you right in the face. We need to make God happy by taking care of really loving on his children.

Another chapter talked about how we are not rewarded in heaven by how we were loved in our marriage but instead how much we loved.

This point is brought up again and again. It's not about what we get but instead what we give. Do I love my husband enough? My goal is now to make sure that he know that he knows how much I love him. And that's a forever job.

I recommend this book for everyone who is married or planning on getting married, It really helps to get you in the right direction.

I'll leave with this quote: "Biblical love isn't a feeling to be felt; it's a commitment to be kept."