Friday, February 10, 2012

Song of Songs

Oh, Solomon, how in your youth you were full of hope, desire and love.  It’s too bad that when you were an old man you thought it all was so meaningless...

Way back when, when Solomon was a young man, before all his marriages and girlfriends.  Back before all his decisions were made for political reasons, Solomon wrote Song of Songs.  This is said to be the greatest of all the 1005 songs that he wrote over his life.  This song is a conversation between him and the woman that he desires.

The song supports monogamy and being with only one person though we know that this is not how Solomon lived his own life.

I guess you may have to be in romantic mood to read and enjoy Song of Songs, but as I read through verse 7:10 stuck out to me, it says:
“I belong to my lover and his desire is for me.”

It’s more than just being to desired by the way you look, but belonging to someone who desires your whole being.  It’s beautiful.  When you marry someone, you belong to them and you are not your own.  To be desired after you are already theirs is a great joy to have.