Monday, May 5, 2014

Book Review: Promises to Keep

I had no idea what I was getting in to when I picked up Promises to Keep by Jane Green.

I was walking around the library and grabbed this book off the shelf.  It was on a complete whim.  I've enjoyed novels by Jane Green in the past that I figured I would give it a go.

I opened this book about a week ago.  I love how Green wrote her characters in this story.  They were simple yet complicated.  Their feeling were raw and emotions were real.

In this novel we meet a large cast of characters but the main ones are Callie, Steffi and Lila.

Callie and Steffi are sisters born about a decade apart and Lila is a lifetime friend.  Each one has a big change coming on in her life.  Steffi, a vegan chef, is tired of life in New York City and jumps at the opportunity to live in the small village of Sleepy Hollow and be closer to her sister.

Lila has finally met the man of her dreams and he is everything she ever wanted.

Callie has the perfect life.  A husband that was perfect for her, two children's that she absolutely adores.  But something is not quite right anymore.  She isn't feeling as she normally does.  Something is just off.

Here is a SPOILER ALERT....

Callie is sick.  And it has rocked the world of all the people around her.  She fought and won the battle against breast cancer five years ago and it is back a vengeance.

Callie is getting weaker by the day and each of her friends and family are doing their best to take care of her and each other.

As I read through this I would feel the tears just pour down my face.  I had no idea what this book was about but it really hit home as we said good-bye to grandpa two weeks ago.  It may have been too much too soon.  But it was still beautifully written.