Thursday, February 23, 2017

DIY Carpet- The Living Room

After the success that we had installing new carpet in MJ's room we were trying to decide what room to tackle next. We were really leaning toward getting the girls room done but that would be another room that Michael and I wouldn't really get to enjoy. We would be in it only occasionally. That's when we decided that we should do the living room next. It is where the whole family is the majority of the time.

And if I'm fully honest, I was completely jealous of MJ's beautiful carpet in his room and wanted to experience it in the living room. 

Our living room is huge. 525 square feet. It's a good size room for our family. Which meant a ton of carpet and padding leaving the house and a ton of new carpet and padding coming in. This room cost three times as much as MJ's room. But still far cheaper than prices we had been quoted.

Here in this first picture you can see that we cleared the room of all furniture and were just starting to pull the carpet up at the corners. Anna and Molly were very curious to what was going on the whole time.

You can see where the seam in the carpet was beginning to split. 

I hated that seam. 

It was like it appeared out of no where one day and there was nothing we could do about it. So the kids and the dogs would like to pick at it. Driving me mad!

Carpet was up and we were starting to roll up the padding. It was glued to the concrete so chunks were left attacked to the floor that had to be scraped up. Tucker was checking everything out. He was not a fan of the room without carpet.

The biggest surprise was the vast amount of dirt that was under the padding. This carpet had been in the house for about 10 years and the accumulation of dirt that was tracked in my kids and dogs and us was unbelievable. 

MJ's room had absolutely no dirt under the carpet at all. This was a shock.

We swept it up into a giant pile and then used the shop vac to suck it all away. We went around the whole room with the shop vac to be sure we collected as much as possible.

It got late quickly. We decided that we wanted to install large chunks of carpet on our busiest week we've had all year. This was the first night we had at home all week and we still spent the day at a birthday party and Sidda's basketball game. 

Oh, and it rained too. 

You can see the bookshelf sitting on the back porch tucked up as much as possible with a trash bag covering it in order to protect it from the rain. Most of the living room furniture was able to fit in the kitchen.

While we worked we watched Blast From the Past. It's been years since we've watched it.

With carpet pad laid and taped and trimmed we started on the carpet. Because of the size of the room we had to seam carpet together using a seam iron and seam iron tape.

Did I burn myself?

The answer would be yes.

It's been nearly two weeks and I still have a mark on my finger where I accidentally touched the hot glue. Whoops.

It was worth it.

The carpet was laid and tucked and beautiful.

We moved the furniture back in and being 2:30am we were ready for bed.

But I got a couple of pictures of the finished results.

Except we just threw the pillows on the couch. They were organized the next morning after some much needed sleep.

I really feel like the pictures don't do the awesomeness of the new carpet justice. It has improved the look and feel of one of the most used rooms in our home.

Do you have any projects that you've done or want to do to make your home better?