Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pokemon Hunting in Henderson, Nevada with Pokemon Go

Today I have a guest post from my awesome husband Micahel about Pokemon Go.

Welcome, Michael.

Pokemon Go. We got it.

 I've played Pokemon since it's initial US release in 1998. Before you go making assumption about just how cool that makes me, keep this in mind: I'm only down with the original 150. So yeah.

I didn't know this game was coming, I just happened to read about it's success in Australia then before I knew it, it was in the US as well. So I got it and I downloaded it on Jess's phone too.

As follows is our first official Pokehunt. Our mission was to find a rich area for Pokestops and Pokemon. Here is how it went.

This is us just starting out. Rumors of a nearby Jigglypuff had us pumped!

103 degrees means nothing, let's catch em all.

Water Street in Downtown Henderson, NV has plenty of stops and gyms for a brisk walk. 

It's very very cool that the places it takes you are monuments or statues as well as churches and parks.

Here is Jess's trainer. She's doing pretty good.

These Pokemon kept climbing all over my family. I saved them, fear not.

It was very hot, and we kept getting this:

But it was fun for the whole family. Even Anya liked catching a Ratatta with us, We got to see some cool things downtown that I didn't even know about and I got to spend time with my family playing one of the greater games of our time, Pokemon.

Thanks, Michael!

It was an awesome time to hang out and let the kids catch Pokemon. I can't wait for the next time that we'll do it again.

There was some moments of the app not working because the servers were having issues. This is going to happen since it became a booming success overnight. It's fun and worth the wait to get through the occasional hiccup.