Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Having a Dream

I want to write beautiful words.

That is what I've wanted to do my entire life. For as long as I can remember I wanted to write stories and books and thoughts and poems.

But somewhere along the line I just stopped writing.

I let life get in the way of my dream. And instead of hustling with it I let it disappear. I spent years thinking about writing, dreaming about having others read my words and making it something that I could be successful at. I would just dream though. I never put any action into it.

There are many times that I feel like I've lost the skill needed to write. I feel like I'm out of ideas, out of thoughts; like my creativity just drowned in the years of doing nothing.

And the big thing standing in my way of even trying is fear.

I am so scared that I will fail. That this talent that I believed I had was just a fantasy and that I was completely fooling myself. So I don't try. Because I can't fail if I don't even give it a shot.

But, I sit here, wishing to try. Wanting to write. But so scared of what words will form together.

I don't even know what I want to write, I just want to. I want my words to flow together to make something that others will enjoy.

So, here is where I begin. By sharing that I have a dream, that I still have it, that I want to do something with it.

And my promise to myself to write. To spend a little time writing every day. Whatever is on my mind, ideas poems, stories, blogs. Because if I just don't do it then my dream will never have a chance of being real. And if I begin to write again I will find my creativity, I will find my muse and I will develop determination. And above all I will get back the joy that it used to bring me.