Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bible Journaling: Gensis 1:1-2:3

This was one of the more fun Bible Journaling pages that I have done.

I liked the idea of of going through and working on each day of creation. Now, since I can't really draw things besides tress and words I had to look up how to draw animals in the most simple form possible. But I love how they turned out. Looks pretty cool to me. Because I have never in my life been able to draw an animal that actually resembles an animal.

It's amazing all the things that God created. That he thought them into existence. And he planned it all. Every single grain of sand, every leaf, every star, fish, elephant. He planned every single one. And then to top it all off, he created man. He created us, to love us and for us to love him and each other.

God really is just absolutely and completely awesome!