Monday, May 2, 2016

Bible Journaling: Leviticus 6:13

I've been really enjoying my time Bible Journaling. It gives me time to focus on a specific verses and a way to creatively and actively meditate on God's Word.

This verse is from Leviticus 6:13 which says: "The Fire must be kept burning on the alter continuously; it must not go out."

In this verse, God is giving Moses instructions to give to the Israelites about the alter. It talks about the literal fire that is always burning where offerings are given. Each day the priest is to clear the ashes from the day before and add wood and keep the flame burning. It needs to be consistently renewed.

And I believe that this is true for our spiritual fire. It must be kept burning. There must be a daily connection to God to keep the fire going. A daily renewal. Just like the physical fire in the temple.

For me this means reading my Bible everyday. And talking to God. Some days have long conversations and other days it's just a quick check in. But there is always something to bring him in. I also will spend time, usually weekly, working on some kind of Bible journaling. And we also do some kind of weekly Bible study with the kids.

I want to do my best to feed the flame of my spirit. I never want it to go out.