Sunday, January 18, 2015

At Home Date #2

It has been a rough week this week.  We have been combating sickness all week. So of course that already slightly derailed our at home dates.

Our second date was supposed to be last Sunday. That did not happen.


Michael got sick. And not just the "I kind of don't feel well" but more like the "102 fever passed out in bed" kind.

Sleeping, sick husband does not make for much of a date night.

And through the week he has been trying to recover and I have caught a cold.

Not fun.

But we did mange to have a couple of mini dates. Michael was still recovering on his day off but since the kids were at school and while Anya napped we were able to spend a little time watching a movie together. And  we were able to fit in a little family movie time that same night.

I can not wait to be over this cold that has seemed to have latched on to Anya and me. My poor baby just doesn't feel good. Luckily, the big kids have been able to keep it away.

I am looking forward to a better week.