Friday, September 26, 2014

Stop that Thumb Sucker!

I have the cutest little thumb sucker.  I mean, look at that face!  It's super cute!

But as much as I love this little girl and everything about her I really hated when I popped her thumb out of her mouth one day and found a HUGE blister on the tip and tiny little blisters on the knuckle of  her thumb.

Anya had been teething like crazy!  Her thumb sucking was getting out of control and it seemed like every time I looked at her that little thumb was in her mouth.

I was now getting concerned.  She's 18 months old and has blisters on her thumb that she is constantly putting in her mouth.  How was I going to keep it out?  How was I going to get her to stop?

I guess we were pretty lucky in a sense.  Anya only sucks on her left thumb.  That's it. 

So what I did first was I showed her her thumb.  I pointed to her blister and said "Anya, you have an owie."

And Anya is talking and understanding so she said back, "Owie."

And then I have her one of these bad boys

Yup, you heard it right.  I wrapped her tiny little thumb in a band aid.  I didn't even try to cover the blister on the top.  I just put it on and told her not to put her thumb in her mouth.

I think the biggest thing that helped was having the band aid on.  She would try to stick her thumb in her mouth and would feel the band aid and would pull her thumb out.  She didn't like the taste or how it felt.  If I saw her trying to put her thumb in her mouth I would pull it out and tell her "No, we don't suck our thumbs."

She wore band aids for 3 days.  She would show everyone her "owie."  But after those three days she was able to take it off.  But there was a change.  She was no longer sucking her thumb!

I honestly could not believe it!  A band aid and three days was all it took.  

I has now been three weeks since she has stopped.  In the first week I only caught her twice sucking her thumb.  Other than those 2 times she hasn't done it.

I was nervous about trying this out and I was so happy that it worked.  Out of 3 kids she was my only thumb sucker.  And I don't have to worry about it anymore.  What a relief!

So, try it.  It may work!

It makes everyone happy!