Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy Ninth Anniversary!

 It was actually about a month ago now... but you know, I'm still playing catch up.  Michael and I have now been married for nine years.  I can't believe how fast time just flies by.

We celebrated by heading out to Gordon Ramsey Steak.  After watching all the seasons of Hell's Kitchen Michael had decided that he had to try the famous Beef Wellington so we figured this would be the best opportunity to make this happen.

We are fancy.

This is a sculpture that hung from the ceiling of the restaurant that was supposed to represent Ramsey's movements when making his beef wellington.  For reals... this is not a joke.

The menu cover.

Slider appetizer.  My water glass was about 6 inches tall.  They were tiny but delicious.

I ordered a fish plate.  It said seasonal fish.  I'm not even sure what I ate.  There was lobster and mussels but I don't remember what the rest was. I was glad that I tried something different.  I was good.

This was my baked potato on the side.  This thing was huge and covered in thick cuts of bacon and cheese.  It was warm and gooey. It was a perfect potato.

Here is THE BEEF WELLINGTON.  It's kind of a big deal.  Michael gave me a bite and it was probably the best thing ever.  Michael loved every single bite of it.

It was a great night and a different experience.  We are not as fancy of people as you feel like you need to be in places like this.  While the food was fabulous we just felt physically out of place.  We will likely never go back but we were excited for the chance to go.