Thursday, May 1, 2014

Grandpa Las Vegas

There are no words to express the sadness that is sweeping through the Abell family over the last few weeks.  Michael's grandfather, Mike, went home to be with the Lord on April 23rd.  He went home into the open arms of Jesus.

And while I am incredibly joyous that he is no longer in pain and with God  I am still deeply saddened that I will no longer see him.

It's so easy to take for granted the time you have with the people you love.  You never, ever think that they will no longer be with you, not even if they are 79 years old.  I honestly thought that he would live forever.  Even after he got sick I thought he would live on.

Grandpa Las Vegas... he was called that from when Michael was a little boy.  When he lived in Florida and his grandparent lived in Nevada and they would send him gifts his mom would tell him "It's from your Grandma and Grandpa in Las Vegas."  Which eventually led to the nickname Grandpa Las Vegas.

This name has stuck ever since.  This is what his grandchildren and great grandchildren would call him.  He was even known by some people at our church by this name.  After Sidda and MJ and their cousins would come running to him and yelling his name.

I loved seeing the relationship that my kids had with him.  Each and every Sunday morning before service they would sit together and have a doughnut.  They would chat while they ate.  Every Sunday MJ would ask me if it was doughnut day with Grandma and Grandpa Las Vegas.  They looked forward to it each week.

This year Grandpa came to watch Sidda and MJ's basketball games.  Even though he was sick and getting weak he did not miss a single game for either of them.  Even if the game were two or three hours apart he would watch one and come back again for the second.

He was truly amazing.  And he loved and took care of his family.  He loved his kids, grandkids and great grandkids.

And he is loved by every single on of us.

And we miss him.
This is one of the last pictures we have.  This is MJ with Grandma and Grandpa Las Vegas.