Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Abells on the Farm

A very nice family that we attend church with has a small farm and they invited some of us to visit.  It was a beautiful day and tons of fun!

They had chickens and goats.

Sidda and MJ liked petting and feeding the goats.

Anya did not like the goats very much.

There were 6 goats.

Michael was there too!

Goats, goats, goats!

Some of the goats were just a few months old and had baby faces. 

And then we saw the chickens!

MJ was able to hold a chicken!

He said that the chicken was heavy.

Anya loved the chickens!

There were also some ducks that would wonder around.

Here is the rooster.

Anya loved to try to chase the chickens, so we has to keep her on the other side of the fence. 

Then we took a hayride!

It was a wonderful day!