Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Little Things

Yesterday I was reminded of how it's the little things that really matter.  Sure, the big things matter but it's the little things that make our every day.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen making breakfast and I looked out into the living room and saw this:

Sidda and MJ were cuddled together on the couch talking to each other.  I don't even remember what they were talking about anymore but they were having a conversation.  They weren't fighting.  They weren't running around like maniacs.  They were sitting together in the early morning and just talking.

This was a scene that I love to see.  I love that I get to witness this between them.  I love how close they really are.  Sidda and MJ really are the best of friends.  My hope is that they continue in this closeness that they have together.  

I never got to have this kind of relationship with my brother.  I think there were just too many years in between us for us to hang out in this way. 

There is nothing better than knowing my kids have a relationship beyond brother/sister and are friends.