Sunday, March 23, 2014

Book Review: Rock Chick

I have no idea what made me want to read Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley.  I think it came up on a book recommendation on and I decided that I wanted to read it.  I had no idea what it was about when I picked it up.

Indy is apparently a rock chick because she likes rock n' roll and dresses somewhat trashy.  I guess to each there own.  But ignoring the constant references to bands and her clothing choices the story wasn't bad.  It starts off pretty quickly with Indy is in hiding after just been shot at.  Along with her friend Rosie.  Indy doesn't want to return home just in case those who shot at her know where she lives.

She doesn't even know why she is being shot at.  It's really all Rosie's fault.  He had something that belongs to someone else and he's not giving it back.  This is why she ends up at Lee's house.  She has known Lee her entire life, and she has always been in love with him.  Lee never seemed to feel the same but there is something different now.

Now Lee wants Indy too and he will do whatever it takes to have her to himself.  Including getting in the middle of this shooting situation.  But it's ok because it's what Lee does for a living anyway.

There are plenty of moments of page turning action and enough comic relief to enjoy this story as an easy read.  There were some moments when I found myself chuckling and smiling as I read Indy's antics.  The last half of the book really catches it's stride as the beginning at times felt winded.

If you like easy reads that are assuming, I recommend it.  I don't think I'll be venturing anymore into next 8 installments of the Rock Chick series (yes there are 8 more books).  But this one was fun as a stand alone novel.