Saturday, March 1, 2014

Anya is 1!

Can you believe how fast the last year has gone by?  Yesterday Anya turned 1.  She is a whole year old now.

We took her in for her check up and she weighs 19lbs 14oz and is 28 1/4 inches long.  Basically she is short and a little chunky.  She is the smallest out of all three kids.  I may have at least one child who will not tower over me as an adult.
Anya had fun exploring the exam room

Anya is now walking.  She is practically running at this point.  She started taking steps about 3 weeks ago and has quickly progressed to a full fledged walker.  Now if I could only get her to wear shoes...

Anya still loves to eat.  She has no problem trying any food that we put in front of her and she has yet to really reject anything.  It's great that she is so willing to try new foods.  Sidda and MJ were not so willing, even at 12 months old.  It's like a while other world.

I know what you are waiting for.

Let's talk about CAKE!  Anya had her first cake yesterday.  And I actually made it and it didn't look awful!

Anya's cake

Sidda and MJ helped decorate the cake that everyone else ate.

Happy Birthday Anya
Anxiously awaiting cake
I'm not so sure about this
First taste of frosting

It's pretty good
She finally dug in and wants to share

Her hands are caked in frosting and she is trying to shake it off

After cake!  What a mess!
Cake clean up

She really had a wonderful birthday!  Now we are looking forward to watching her grow in her second year.