Saturday, February 1, 2014

Book Review: Legend

Another distopian novel.  Big surprise here, huh?  But really, it's just most the most fun subject to read right now.  I love seeing different authors take on when society will break down.  Kind of creepy, right?

Well, let's get down to business (cue Mulan...)

Legend by Marie Lu started off slow but quickly became a page turner for me.  The story is told from the views of Day and June.  Day if a criminal from the wrong side of the tracks.  His family thinks he is dead and he is doing his best to hide while still taking care of them.  The Republic is after him but they also know nothing about him other than they want to make an example out of his unruliness.

June, in the Republic's opinion is practically perfect.  Perfect test scores and athletic.  She is smart and crafty. She is sent to find Day after the death of her brother, the last relative that she has.  She quickly succeeds.

This is a book that shows a governments need to control their citizens.  What it will do to keep its people in line and what they do to those who defy the system.

I enjoyed reading it.  The story was interesting and makes me want to move on the the next book in the trilogy.