Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hard Days

Today is the kind of day that could start the downward spiral to crushing my work on my goals.

I woke up this morning really, really unmotivated.  I am tired.  Yesterday was a very long day and it has caught up with me this morning.

I did not really want to get up.  I did not want to do anything.  I just wanted to lay in bed and watch House.

I didn't help that when I got on the scale this morning it went up by two pounds.  TWO freaking pounds!  I have been eating better.  I have been working out.  I've been drinking water.  Actually, other than one cup a coffee a day, for the last four days all I've had was water.  100oz each day.  I'm trying to get my 7 days in a row.

And up goes the scale.  I've lost 4 pounds and have now gained two back.  That is half my progress in one day.

I've gotten on the treadmill everyday for the last four days.  I was so excited yesterday.  I ran for a minute and thirty seconds without stopping.  I also ran intervals of a minute each with some walking in between.  I increased my distance of my work out from a half a mile to three quarters.  I have been trying so hard.

This morning, my legs ache from the effort.  I'm feeling the soreness that comes with tiredness sometimes.

I know that today is going to be a fight.

I'm going to have to fight to get back on the treadmill tonight.

I'm going to have to fight to drink 100oz of water today. (especially since I haven't had a single drop yet.)

I'm going to have to fight the desire to just sit around and do nothing.

I have to fight letting being tired be an excuse.

If I can do four days in a row on the treadmill, why can't I do five?  or 10?  or 100?

I can.