Thursday, October 24, 2013

Book Review: House of Hades

Not since reading Harry Potter have I enjoyed a series like the Heroes of Olympus.  I love that it is something that I can share with my family and we can all enjoy it together.

In The House of Hades by Rick Riordan we see that the group of seven have been split in two and are making there way back to each other.  Percy and Annabeth in Tartarus and the rest sailing the Argo II to Greece.  Each of them have a part to play that determines whether or not they can make it back together.

Percy and Annabeth have had to rely on each other a lot over the years but now, more than ever, they need support.  Making their way through Tartarus is no piece of cake.  There are monsters searching for them, out to repay them for killing them.  There is the constant challenge of the poison air, the rivers that cause unwelcome damage and constant fear.  But with unexpected help they just might make it out alive.  That is if their friends are waiting on the other side of the doors of death.

Hazel has never been one for magic.  Sure, she can make valuables come up from the ground without so much as a thought, but now she needs to learn to control the Mist to help her friends.

Frank is changing.  He is finding himself.  Though his life still depends on a small piece of wood, he is more confident and becoming a leader that a son of Mars should have.

Piper has mastered her charmspeak, but will that be enough for her to contribute to the team?

Jason is feeling confused.  He has been a Roman demigod all his life but after his time at Camp Half-Blood he feels like that be where he really belongs.

Leo is my favorite.  But he always get the short end of the stick.  He is the odd man out out of three couples.  The seventh wheel.  But will he find love?

The House of Hades was entertaining and page turning.  I just wanted to ignore my family and keep reading all the time.  Now we are going to listen to the audio version so the kids and Michael can enjoy it with me.