Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Confessions of my Living Room

Sometimes I feel like there is no keeping up with the chores around the house.  It's like stuff is just taking over the house and we can't seem to get it together.  Honestly, right now, my living room is a little out of hand.  I could make lots and lots of excuses.  Which I will do....  hey, I have three kids and I home school and do a lot of things that keeps me busy.  I have a 6 month old who only wants me to hold her.  All.  The.  Time.  I almost never have her out of my arms.  And she has especially grumpy this week.  Oh, she has her happy moments but right now she just wants me to hold her and let her grab my face.

This is my laundry pile that is taking up all the space on our love seat.  At least the clothes are clean, right?  This is probably the worst of it.  This is 3 days of laundry and I hate doing laundry.  So I am grateful that it is clean and wearable even if it's not hung up or folded right now.

Oh, there is Anya in a moment that she let me put her down.  She is playing with her toys.  It didn't last long.

There is Anna with one of her toys and a few scattered random items around the carpet.

MJ can't help but bring out all of his toys and play.  Does he put them away when he is done?  Nope.  At some point I will trip over these.

Dog toys, baby toys, school supplies and books.  It's just a little craziness that goes on around here.

Midnight thinks that Anya should share her toys with him as he lays on her play mat.

Game cabinet and school table.  The cabinet needs some organization.  Right now the doors do not shut.  And we have some items from the school day left on the table.

The school shelf really isn't too bad.  One shelf needs a bit of a face lift but the rest is ok.

It's the back of the laundry couch!  Our sofa table is the cleanest in the whole room.  Put the diapers away and the book away and we are done.

I know that it's not too bad.  But this is how we are living today.  By tomorrow it will all probably be back to normal.  A little more clean.  A little more organized.  And laundry will be taken care of.  Maybe writing this post will be my motivation to get it done today.... if the baby will nap.