Monday, August 26, 2013


This year we had an at home vacation.  We didn't even do it stay-cation style where you stay in town but not at home.  We were 100% home and it was the best time!

It was the last week before school was to start and we filled it up with fun and joy.  We spent time with family, had two game nights with friends, played video games (Finished up Kingdom Hearts II woot woot!) went to Chuck E. Cheese and to the drive in for free movie night.  This was my kind of vacation!
Daddy cuddles Anya while playing video games

Sidda and MJ decide they want to drink from the hose

Chuck E Cheese with Grandma and Grandpa Las Vegas

Michael and Anya

Anya and Great Grandpa (Grandpa Las Vegas)

Mmmmm.... pizza crust

Michael and Grandma skee ball tournament. 

MJ knocks Jenga down

Sidda wants to win

Anya watches Jenga

apple muffins

MJ waits for the drive in movie.  Papa is also waiting.

Anya wants to eat my phone.

Sidda entertains herself and Nana watches

MJ passes out during Iron Man 3.

Anya tries cantaloupe

She loves it.

What a handsome dude!

Chocolate chip cookies.