Monday, August 12, 2013

Stay Up As Late As You Can Night!

We are starting school in two weeks.  I can't believe that summer is coming to an end.  But it will be so good to get back to a normal routine.  Last night was declared "Stay up as late as you can night!."  Since school is coming upon us we need to get back to sleeping and getting up at reasonable times.  So last night we had a family night and let the kids stay up as late as they could.  Kind of a last late night hurrah.  The night began after church.  The kids and Michael came home and we all got into our pj's.  Then it was Mario Monopoly time!  We has a great time playing together.  Sidda and MJ worked hard at trying to win!  We then played Super Mario Bros on the Wii U.  And then settled in to watch some movies.  Super easy night but tons of fun.  Poor Anya had a little fever but she had an awesome times too!  Sidda and MJ stuck it out until around 1 am.  I was grateful to get to sleep soon after!