Tuesday, August 20, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 42

You can read Psalm 42 here.

Well... I have officially moved into the 2nd book in the book of Psalms.  Here we are at Psalm 42.  I can't believe I have kept up with this daily on this blog for the past 42 days.  Go me!  I also know that there is still more than 100 days to go.  Psalms sure is a long, long, long book.

Finally!  A Psalm not written by David!  Not that I really minded David's psalms but I am so ready for a new voice.  This one is by the Sons of Korah a family of singers from the tribe of Levi.

Oh, how I thirst for God!  I want to be with him.  My soul longs for him.  But where is he now?  I used to lead the people in praise of his name!  I do not need to be down; I need to put my hope in God.  I will remember all the things he has done for his people, for those he loves.  He is apart of me.  I will worship him because he is my hope.