Monday, August 19, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 41

You can read Psalm 41 here.

We must love on the people who do not have the things that we do.  They may be weak in mind or body, be without love or even without a home.  We need to show love and compassion to these people because God cares for all.  Sometimes he uses us to show his love to them.

Some people may speak out against us.  Even our friends may... But God is for us!  He continually gives us chance after chance.  He gives us mercy constantly.  Thank God for that!  I need mercy each and everyday.

Thank you God for showing me love through other people.  So many people have blessed my life with the love of God when I have been at my weakest points.  Thank you also for giving me new chance every single day to be the kind of person that you desire me to be.  Amen.