Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What's for Dinner?- Hamburgers and French Fries (with homemade buns)

I love days that I get to spend in the kitchen!  I love to cook but I really haven't been able to like I like because Anya has a way of needing me right when it is time to get to work.  But last night I was able to make some homemade hamburger buns to go with our burgers and fries!

Found black grapes at the grocery store!  They were an awesome snack!

Before they went into the oven.
The recipe I used for the homemade hamburger buns from the Brown Eyed Baker.  You can see it here. These were some of the best buns I ever had.  They were delicious, but didn't take away from the other flavors on the burger.

For the the burger patties I just took some ground beef, a little salt and pepper and mixed it all up and shaped into patties.  And I think that they turned out amazing!  Michael grilled them up perfectly! (Yup, this was a bit of a team effort.)

The finished product.  I topped mine off with tomatoes and avocado!