Tuesday, July 9, 2013

MJ is 5 and Anya is 4 Months

I just got back from MJ and Anya's check ups.  Man, my kids are growing so fast.

MJ is growing up!  I can't believe that he is 5.  It seems like he grew over night.  Right now he weighs 53 lbs and is 46 inches tall.  His doctor informed that that is the average for a 7 year old.  He is a big boy.

Right now his favorite things are:

Tv show: Ninjago
Toys: Legos and Armor Castle
Food: Apples, Cake, Ice Cream and Waffles
Color: Red
Animal: Mccaws and dragons
Board Game: Sorry

Anya is growing too!  She is now 12lbs10oz and 24 inches long.  She is becoming more focused.  She smiles and giggles has mastered rolling from back to belly and can successfllu get her toes into her mouth.  She also has teeth starting to bud.  She sleeps 8-9 hours at night.  She loves to take showers and this past month has enjoyed time in the pool.  Eyes more hazel that blue now.  She is a little beauty.