Sunday, July 28, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 19

You can read Psalm 19 here.

An awesome Psalm.  I'm starting to enjoy the Psalms a little more.  It's not feeling like its such a chore every single day.  I can't say every day I will enjoy it but I am pressing on to continue on my days through the Psalms.
So what can be said about the greatness of God that everything cried out in praise to him?  You can't go through life without noticing his majesty in all of what he created.  Not just the creation of man but in the creation of everything.  There is beauty in all of what he made.  It's amazing how it all perfectly came together.  How can anyone deny God while seeing the world as a whole?
And above all else he made man.  He made us. 

And he also mindful of us.  He didn't leave us alone.  He is here.