Wednesday, July 10, 2013

150 Days of Psalms: Psalm 1

I haven't written anything Bible related in well over a year.  I was reading through the Bible from Genesis on, trying to write my thoughts as finished each book.  But after I got through Song of Songs I kind of just stopped.

It's not that I stopped reading my Bible.  I read it every single day.  I just stopped going through the books as they are placed in the Bible.  I also only read a chapter a day (unless I'm studying something specific).  I have accountability in my reading daily with Michael.  He reads the same chapter each day on his own.  We take notes on what we read and talk about it later.  We typically discuss it before we go to bed each night but occasionally do it earlier in the day.

We started this on January 1, 2012 and have continued daily.  We read through the NT one chapter at a time.  It took around 9 months to do so.  We hopped from book to book mixing things up to try to keep it interesting.  It helped a lot because I have many time read through the Gospels one after another by separating therm out I didn't get burned out so quickly.

We have since moved to the OT.  And today we are starting Psalms.  At a chapter a day you're talking five months of Psalm reading.  Maybe you would be ok with this.  Maybe daily Psalm reading makes you all giddy inside.  Well, pin a rose on your nose, because this is not the case with me.  Psalms is my least favorite book in the entire Bible.  I don't get them.  They go right over my head.  When I read them last I tried to attack the book and just get through it.  It was not fun or enjoyable.

My goal this time around is to enjoy reading it.  To reset my current opinion and not dread when it's time to read a Psalm.  So my plan is to do my daily reading and post about it.  Hence, 150 Days of Psalms.

So, here we go.... Day 1-Psalm 1. (you can read the Psalm by clicking on the link)

Ok, let's jump right in.  We are blessed if we do not walk in wickedness.  Why wouldn't you want to be blessed?  Well, in order to not walk in wickedness we need to delight in the laws of God.  Seems simple enough, right?  Wrong.  I like to be in control.  Laws are rules, rules take the control away from me.  But I want to be blessed!  Oh the conflict!

I'm getting better at the control thing, though.  I find that not following the rules leads to lots of drama.  I detest drama... so not worth the trouble.  I'd rather follow God, love Jesus, follow his simple command of "Love God and Love others" and be blessed.  When you're wicked things are much more complicated.  Drama comes and makes you crazy!  So let's be blessed!