Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mom Level Reached: Expert

There is nothing more cliche about being a mom than having your very own kid toting minivan.  And now I have joined the ranks of the cliche.  I am now an expert mom.  I have traded in my little Kia Soul for a Kia Sedona.

Man, I loved my Soul.  That car was amazing!  But it was just too small for our family.  Between the 3 kids we have an infant car seat with a base and a booster and very squished kids.  Anya's car seat touched the front seats making us squished up against the dashboard as well.  That works out to unsafe and uncomfortable.

Now we have enough room for everyone to stretch their legs.   We even have room for extra riders and more trunk space.  We can go grocery shopping without having to stack it on top of the kids.  And... we can keep the stroller in the car all the time!

It's weird the things we get excited over, right?  I never thought I would be so happy to drive a minivan.
My awesome new van!

Anya being silly.  She is 14 weeks old today!