Thursday, May 16, 2013

Butterflies at the Bellagio

This week we took a field trip with some fellows from church and went and saw the butterfly conservatory at the Bellagio.  Sidda and MJ were very excited to see the butterflies and the fact that some of their cousins also came made it all the more enjoyable for them.

Extra bonus for me?  Adult interaction!  I was able to have conversations with an adult other than my husband in the middle of the day.  Now that is my kind of outing!
The five big kids are excited to go in!

Butterfly on the window

Butterflies eating oranges

Sidda says "Look!"

This is how Anya spent her time

He just couldn't see

Butterfly observation

It's MJ... need I say more?
Looking at the flowers
I loved the flowers!  Look at these tulips.  I love tulips.

Giant decoration sunflower

I don't what these are but they are beautiful

Let's look at the flowers

Butterfly decorations hanging from the skylight

So pretty
MJ and his most favorite cousin in the world

It's all about the silly
Sidda thinks the flowers are pretty


Buttercup decorations and mushrooms

More tulips... sigh

Waiting for the fountains.  Oops, we were two hours to early.