Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Book Review: Wedding Night

Sophie Kinsella's new book Wedding Night is fabulous!  I read it while nursing Anya so I was able to get through it fairly quickly.  It has all the wit and humor that you've come to expect from Kinsella.  I don't think it was as great of a story as Twenties Girl which was my absolute favorite by her but it was much better than Remember Me.

Wedding Night is about sisters Lottie and Fliss.  Lottie has broken up with her long term boyfriend because after 3 years he doesn't want to get married.  Soon after the break up she runs into an old flame from when she was 18 years old.  They decide to get married on a whim and honeymoon in Ikonos where they first met.

Fliss on the other hand is in the middle of a bitter divorce.  She doesn't want Lottie to go through the same heartache that she has so she will stop at nothing to keep them from consummating their marriage so that they can have an annulment once Lottie comes to her senses.  Fliss enlists help from hotel staff to get in the way of leaving the couple alone.

This book was entertaining and kept me smiling and giggling the whole way through.  I can't wait for what Kinsella brings us next!