Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby, Baby, Baby

Anya will be here soon.  We only have about six weeks left and I'm starting to get nervous.  I feel like I am starting over.

I mean, MJ is 4 1/2.  That means it has been forever since I've been pregnant and have even had to think of these things.  I don't know how to feel.  I'm getting nervous and labor and recovery.  I'm getting anxious to know what she'll look like.  Will she have a blonde streak in her hair like Sidda?  Will she have Michael's long eyelashes?  MJ's round cheeks?  Will she be a little 6 pounder like Sidda or a 8 pounder like MJ?  Will she sleep?  Will she cry alot?  What will it sound like?  Will she be happy to cuddle up to us?  Will she like to stretch her legs like her older sister and brother did?

I feel sometimes like I don't really remember what Sidda and MJ were like as babies.  They've been kids for so long now.  They have such amazing personalities and give me such entertainment.  I wonder how Anya will be with Sidda?  Sidda is so excited and ready to be mom's little helper.  MJ asks me every couple of days if she is coming home today.  It's been a long wait for him and he just wants to meet her.  I want to meet her too.

Michael, wants her home too.  I think now that we're getting close and really trying to get the house ready for her that it is getting real for him; that she is almost here. She is going to change to whole dynamic of our family.  MJ will no longer be the baby, Sidda will now have a sister, and Michael and I will now have 3 kids to raise and teach and love on.

I'm nervous but ready for the change.  I am ready for her to come home.  I am ready to grow our family by 1.