Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankfulness Part Three

So here is my third installment of my Thankfulness Posts.  You can see the first one here and the second one here.  And so now we continue...

Jessica's Thankfulness List Part 3

21.  I am thankful for Thanksgiving.  It's one of my favorite times of the year!  Each year my little family gets to have a double Thanksgiving.  I get to spend time with my side and Michael's side of the family.  Both are filled with lots of family, food, laughter and fun.  I love getting to see the people that I don't get a chance to visit with during the year.  Yay! for Thanksgiving!

22.  I am thankful for my moms... now don't get crazy.  I mean my mom and my MIL.  I feel very blessed to be very close to both of them.  I'm also so glad that I don't have the stereotypical crazy mother-in-law issues.  I don't know what I would do without these two awesome ladies!

23.  I am thankful for my iPhone   Yup, I love it.  I don't know what I would without it.  It's my camera, calendar, music and audiobook holder, game holder, pregnancy tracking,  alarm clock, email retriever, deal finder, list keeper, directions giver and best kid distracting, thing ever.  I do so much and use it constantly throughout each and everyday.  It gives me awesomeness in the palm of my hand.

24.  I am thankful for hot water.  Nice baths, warm showers, washing dishes I love that having hot water in my house is at a turn of a faucet.  And right now with the soreness that comes with pregnancy I love how the water helps my body feel better.

25.  I am thankful for my car.  I love my car.  We are a one car household and so I am so grateful that our car is very functional.  It runs great and we try very hard to take good care of it so it will last us a very long time.  Over the past two years that we've had it, it has taken us on quite a few long drives and has never given any issues.  I love that it has hands free options for my phone to hook up and the Bluetooth is amazing! We've spent many hours listening to audiobooks on long trips without the added need to use wires or hook-ups to make it happen.  

26.  I am thankful for my nieces and nephews.  I currently have 7 nieces and nephews.  I love how big my family is and how much time I get to spend with each one of them.  I see them all on at least a weekly basis and love that they are so close to Sidda and MJ.  I think that family make the best of friends.

27.  I am thankful for board games and card games.  I love games.  I love that my husband and kids and extended family all love games too.  It's so nice to sit down and play cards and chit-chat.  It's relaxing and joyful.  In fact right now Sidda and MJ are playing Mario Monopoly.  I doubt they are playing by the rules but they are having a great time!

28.  I am thankful that Christmas is right around the corner.  I love the Christmas songs and that celebrations and the extra time with family.  I love seeing my house decorated and thinking of the things I will make for people and the ways I will show others that I love them.  It's a time that I get to be extra creative and make things special for others.

29.  I am thankful that my 30th birthday is less than two weeks away.  I think I am ready to say good-bye to my 20s.  I feel like even though I've been married for years and have kids of my own that reaching 30 will be the beginning of adulthood.  I've recently stopped feeling like I was still a teenager and finally feel like a grown-up.  I am happy to welcome in my grown-up years.

30.  I am thankful for this blog.  Maybe it's more for the ability to blog.  It's a creative outlet for me.  I spent so much time being creative in my youth and after school ended I put it all on the back burner.  It's nice to be able to share my thoughts, my projects, cooking and whatever I feel like with the people who would be willing to read it.    

And there you have it.  My November Thankfulness list.  I'm sure that there is more that I am thankful for but for now I'll just leave it where it is.  Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!