Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankfulness Part 2

So, in this post I will continue my list of things I am thankful for during this season.  You can the previous post here.

Jessica's Thankful List
Part 2

11.  I am thankful to be an American.  I am proud of my country that lets us have the freedom to be ourselves and make our own choices.  I may not agree with most people on most subjects but I am ok that they are allowed their opinions.  I feel very lucky to have been born here.

12.  I am thankful for my church.  I have attended there almost half of my life now.  I have grown close to people through attendance there and have met people that I would've never known had I not set foot in the building.

13.  Along with the church I am thankful for the pastors and their wives that make the church function.  They are great spiritual leaders and wonderful men and women of God.  I am so grateful that Michael and I have been able to be apart of this group of people.

14.  I am thankful for books.  I love to read.  I guess you can add that I am thankful for my ability to read.  I love getting lost in stories that people have created.  I've visited so many places through books.

15.  I am thankful for lazy days.  Between homeschooling, be a mom, wife, pregnant, cleaning the house, and taking care of errands there isn't a whole lot of time left to relax.  I feel like sometimes I run hundreds of miles without a break in between so when I finally get a day that has no plans it's almost hard to rest but when I am able to I feel so refreshed that getting back to the crazy part of life isn't too bad.

16.  I am thankful for my doctor.  With Anya on her way having a doctor that I feel comfortable with and trust is great to have.

17.  I am thankful for Psych.  It's a ridiculously funny TV show that when I feel like I want to pull my hair out gives me something to focus on, makes me laugh and then I feel better and can go on with my day.

18.  I am also thankful for Friends. No matter how many times I watch it through it still makes me laugh.  Over the last 15 years it has been my favorite show and it's just great.

19.  I am thankful for laundry.  I know, I know, I hate laundry.  I hate doing laundry and everything that has to do with doing laundry but if I have laundry to do that means that my family has clothes to wear and towels to use.  So even though I hate it, it's something good to have.

20.  I am thankful for shoes.  I love shoes.  They a beautiful.  I could never afford the shoes that I would truly love to have but I will admire them from afar.  Hmmm.... Shoes....

Part three coming soon...