Thursday, October 18, 2012


I've struggled with my weight really all my adult life.  It is hard and frustrating!  There are times that I would wish I actually had a real eating issue, so I could make myself not eat and lose weight.  (Yes, I am perfectly aware of how unhealthy that is.  I've never starved myself.  Ever!)  I couldn't do it.  I have super food issues!  As is, I love to eat and it tastes good.  And because of these things I usually find myself putting food in my mouth, over and over again.

I would say that I am more of a bored eater than a comfort eater.  When I feel like I have nothing to do (which is crazy because I am constantly doing something) I tend to reach for food.  I don't reach for food for me filling food.  I want all that easy, convenient, delicious junk food.  You offer me food, if it doesn't contain mushroom or pickles there a good chance I'm going to eat it.  I just love food.

But that is not where the craziness really comes in.  What blows my mind is that today I am 21 weeks pregnant and ever since I found out I have lost 11 pounds.  I know what you're thinking....  She's had morning sickness, she can't keep any food down, that's why she's lost the weight... but you would be wrong. I have done absolutely nothing.  I have not been sick, have not thrown up a single time in this pregnancy.  I have made no effort to lose this weight, yet the 11lbs. are gone.  Crazy, right?  I have been dieting on and off for the last 10 years and have lost some and gained some but during this pregnancy I have lost weight without meaning to.  And if you really think about it, my little Anya (that's right, it's a girl!) weighs about one pound now, so that equals out to 12 lbs lost.  Full on craziness!

You can go ahead and be jealous.  I would be jealous of me too.  I am hoping to be able to continue to lose weight and make an effort at healthiness once she is born.  But for now I will enjoy the pregnancy weight loss.  It's the best diet ever!   Oh, and my doctor is not worried at all.  I've got plenty of extra poundage for Anya to feed off of, so it's all good.

And now for your enjoyment... A baby bump picture!  It's about a week old now, but I think I look about the same.

And also a picture of Michael and me.  Because I love Michael and think he's kind of awesome!