Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spilling the Beans

Well, whether we already told you, noticed it from my current reading list on Goodreads, saw it from the facebook posting from my mother or sister, but most likely you've heard it from Sidda (who has the biggest mouth, the most excitement, and the inability to keep things to herself) that, yes, the Abell's are expecting!  We're starting to prepare our lives for baby #3.

We are beyond excited.  I am currently around 7 weeks.  MJ wants the baby now.  Everyday he says, "When are we having the baby?"  He's excited and dreaming of twins.  He would like us to have a boy and a girl.  He is one silly kid.  That is not something that we think will be happening.  I hope that he won't be too disappointed.

Sidda says that the baby could be a boy or a girl and she will love it.  She is overjoyed to be a big sister a second time around.

Michael wants a girl.  I think it's because MJ is a little crazy and Sidda was calm as a baby.  But I know that he would also love to have another boy.

I really don't have a preference.  Some days I dream of a boy and others a girl.  I don't have any inclination one way or the other at this point.  I don't remember spending a lot of time guessing the gender in my previous pregnancies.  Maybe I did.  I'm not too sure.

But there you have it.  I hope I have cured your curiosity.  Now you can join us in our joy!