Friday, April 6, 2012

Seven Years

Tomorrow Michael and I will be celebrating the 7th anniversary of our wedding day.  It really feels like we just got married.  We were talking about it earlier today and it seems like life after high school just flies right on by.  But I wanted to show off what I made Michael for our anniversary.  I got the idea from a blog I found on pinterest which you can see here. Here are a couple of pictures of how I put it together:

In each heart it is labeled with a point on a map which holds some kind of significance to our relationship.  It has where we met, which was Green Valley Christian Center, and even though it is not labeled for it, that is where we also go married.  Where we got engaged, which was in Latouka, Fiji, while on a short term missions trip.  Where we went on our honeymoon.  Disneyland was awesome!  Where our first home together was and where we live now. 

I mod podged the maps to card stock and then cut them into its heart shape to keep it from being flimsy.  And then used mod podge to stick them to some bright red scrapbook paper that had some texture to the design on it, to give it some color.  I put it all in a frame that I found at WalMart that can with a mat for around $5.  I forgot to hide it after I finished making it, so Michael has already seen it and is planning on hanging it in his office.

And here is a picture of the joy that our marriage has produced.  Sidda and MJ make everyday interesting.  These three here are the best parts of my life.