Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Book Review: Second Chance

 Second Chance by Jane Green is a story about how four friends are brought back together after a terrorist attack kills one of their friends, Tom.  It started off well enough, I guess.  With an introduction of the friends, their first time seeing each other all together in about twenty years.  The we follow the stories of the lives of Holly, Olivia, Saffron and Paul for the next few months after being brought back together.  How even after all the time apart they find that they still feel comfortable with each other and close.

Holly is unhappily married and was in love Tom from the time she was very young.  They never were able to want each other at the same time, so their love just never happened.  After Tom's death and reuniting with Tom's brother Will, she begins to have an emotional affair with him, because her husband Marcus is not giving her what she feels she needs.

Second ChanceOlivia has just gotten out of a relationship with George and finds it hard to be single and having to date again after seven years.  Before Tom's death he set her up with Fred whom she has been emailing back and forth with and will soon meet.

Saffron is an actress who has performed on stage and screen and is considered B list.  She is having a discreet affair with a very popular married actor, who will not leave his wife, because it would be bad for his career.

Paul is married to Anna and very much in love.  All they want in the world is to have a baby and are getting no where.

I found the story predictable and I really just kept reading because I thought there might be a twist somewhere that I didn't see coming.  I at least hoped there would be.  I have liked Jane Green's novels in the past but this one just seemed not her style, maybe even rushed.