Thursday, March 1, 2012

I have Bangs!

This is a big deal, people!  I have not had bangs since I was in elementary school.  I think it was third grade.  That is definitely the last time that I had a picture taken that I actually had bangs.  This is whole new world for me.  So far every morning when I wake up I'm thinking "Okay, how do I do this again?"  And it's not like I'm actually doing anything other than taking my brush and pushing them forward.  I've had years of training for brushing all my hair back to put into my daily pony tail, so it's just different.  Let's get to the pictures now....

So this picture was taken last week, just a few days before the new cut.

Here is my new hair.  

Here you have a slight side view.

Here is an extreme close up of my bangs!

This is today.  My hair is pulled back into a knot, so I can still wear it up.

The best part is I got a whole new look without having to chop all my hair off, which is what I usually do.  The bangs don't bother me like I thought they would.  I'm pretty excited about the whole thing!