Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rolled Page Letter Bookends

Way back in October I made a rolled page letter A (which you can see here) with the intention of hanging it in my front doorway to add some character to an empty wall area.  But, the letter was too small to really make the space look nice, so I had another idea.  I went ahead and made a Z to go with my A and will be adding a wood block to the back to keep them stable and created my own unique bookends.

This make me very excited because I have been searching for bookends to help display our collection of foreign language Bibles.  I wanted something that looked nice and never really found anything I liked and I really wanted to get them out of the bookshelf and out in the open.

Our collection includes:

  •  Polish prayer book
  •  Hebrew NT
  •  2 Indian Bibles but two different languages
    • Thiruviviliam
    • Hindi 
  • French Bible
  • Spanish Bible
  • Korean Bible
  • Japanese Bible
  • Bulgarian Bible
We've been blessed by friends and family that while they have traveled have known about our collection and have brought us back Bibles from the countries they visited.  A couple of the Bibles we found in used book stores and the Japanese Bible was a Christmas present to Michael from my parents (it took them a couple of months to track one down).  I get excited anytime we receive or find a new one to add and hope to add more to the rest very soon.