Sunday, November 27, 2011

Force Field

Tonight as we are driving home from church MJ says: "Sometimes God is my force field."  and I'll tell you right there that my mind was blown.  He is only three, you know.  Michael said we should put that on a t-shirt and my thoughts were: Hey!  That's my next blog...

So, force fields if you think about them are kind of awesome things.  Usually when I think about it it's some kind of giant invisible bubble to protection.  Things shouldn't be able to penetrate it.  It's there to protect from physical harm.  It takes the blows so you don't have to.  And isn't this exactly what Jesus did for us?  I mean in our sin we are punished with death, we are separated forever from all that is good and from love.  That is what our sins do. But then Jesus steps in and blocks us from the forces that are after us.  He stands in the way of the attack, not just metaphorically, but physically and truly was beaten and scarred, tortured and hung on a cross to protect us.  He did it willingly.  He made himself our force field and took everything that the world could throw at him, he even took death itself and through his power he defeated it.  He raised himself to live again, to still be our protector.  His death did not stop him from still standing in the face of the battle for us.  He stays with us, surrounding us with the shield of him and walks by our side.

How amazing is that?  What an awesome God we have!  I'm am forever grateful that He is with me always.