Thursday, October 13, 2011


Oh, Job, Job, Job.  Poor Job. He was a good guy.  He followed God's law.  He stayed out of trouble, offered sacrifices for himself and his children to God and what does he get?  Everything taken away from him.  God stepped aside and let Satan put his hands on Job.  He took away all of his animals, his children, his servants and then the devil covered him with sores from head to toe.  They were uncomfortable and he used a broken piece of pottery to scrape at himself.  So not cool.

Poor Job.  He spends his time speaking to his friends asking what he did to deserve this punishment.  His friends sat and told him he must of have done wrong for God to punish him, though his friends seem wise in all their talk they were not.  They were convinced of Job doing something wrong.  But through it all Job stayed faithful.  He still believed and trusted in God.  In the end God returned everything to Job twice over what he had had before.

I guess what you really have to get out of it is that God can and will sometimes let satan do things to us to test our  faith.  Life isn't all good, there is always trials and suffering, it's how we react to the bad that happens that really matters.