Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Getting Crafty

Finally, finally I have I done something crafty.  I've been feeling the itch that I want to work on something, be creative and make something, but I really wasn't feeling like working really hard to get it done, so this past Sunday, Michael's mom, Selina, and I made this beautifully awesome frame.
We were testing out Selina's cricut at cutting vinyl and it worked out great.  The only thing was that we didn't have transfer paper, so I laid each and every letter by hand, so it's not as even as I would have liked but I think that it came together fabulously.  I found the phrase on pintrest and loved it and Michael wanted it up somewhere in the house.  I will probably be changing out the pink background soon for something with more texture to it, but this works for now.  Yay for crafts!