Monday, October 10, 2011


When I told Michael that I would b combining Ezra and Nehemiah for my next blog post he said that I should call it "kicking it old school" because way back when the books were combined but have been separated in to two books for hundreds of years.  I know, Michael is kind of a dork.

I decided to write about them together because as I read through the books were easy reads but very boring to me.  It was all about rebuilding  the temple and repairing the wall of the city.  It was full of lists and names and such.  I know that reading it and knowing about these things is very important and it's there for a reason but as I read through this time nothing was really catching my eye, spurring my thoughts or making me want to inquire more about what I was reading.  It took me longer to read it then it should have but it was because every time I sat down to read it my mind would wander off and I would lose focus.  But now I am on to Esther, which is a pretty awesome book and hopefully I will have more to write when I finish up.