Friday, September 2, 2011

My Guilty Pleasure

I love reading, this is not news, I know. But in my reading I sometimes love to read terribly generic teen fiction. Especially books that I read when I was in my early teens myself. It's so embarrassing! But sometimes. you really just need some easy to read teen drama to let you relax and give your brain a break. Not that I read complicated stuff, really. Every once in a while I like to pick up books that are thought provoking, interesting and intense and usually after I read such books I usually pick up something easy going, laughably ridiculous and fun.

The current series that I am reading again is the Making Out series by Katherine Applegate. She is the same who author who wrote the popular Animorphs series (something that I actually haven't read, but have heard that is really, really good... Maybe when the kids are older I'll read it with them.) Anyway, the Making Out series is about a group of teens that live on an island off the coast of main, and have all grown up together and have pretty much known each other all of their lives and follows all of the angst that comes with being a teen.

There are 28 books in this series but each of them are short and easy and can be read in just a couple of hours. I began reading these books when I was 12 or 13 and picked them up to read again at 24 or 25. And I am taking them for another spin. It's like watching a serial teen drama on tv, like the OC or Glee. It's overly dramatic and funny, and entertaining enough to keep me reading them. Besides you always have fond memories of books you read as a kid. It's the same whenever I read Sloppy Kisses to my kids (it was one of my favorites when I was little) I get that warm feeling of nostalgia.

So, that is my embarrassing confession. That is my dirty little secret, my guilty pleasure, the joy of reading really old teen fiction.