Wednesday, September 28, 2011

40 Days for Life

Michael and I are starting a fast today for the 40 Days for Life. This a a campaign that goes on every year to which you fast and pray for the end of abortion. While this is a subject that is touchy with a lot of people and something that should be prayed about regardless of the time of year, this is a time that we set aside and really concentrate on this issue.

While many during this time will stand outside of abortion clinics and speak to who they can and will pray in front of the building, I will not. I will be praying each day and will be talking to people about my fast and what it is all about. I personally will be fasting reading any book that is not the Bible for the next 40 days. This is something that will not be easy for me. I love to read. I love to read fiction and we all know that sometimes reading the Bible can be tough but I really feel pushed to set aside that I normally do during the day for reading and get that extra Bible time in. It will also add more time to my devotional time during the day.

If you want more information about 40 days for Life you can go to their website / It talks about where there is participation and more on what they do.