Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2nd Kings

Finally, finally, finally I have finished reading 2nd Kings. I've been a super slacker on my Bible reading over the last couple of months, but today I am done.

Honestly, reading 2nd Kings was exhausting, there is so much information and so many kings and people and prophets that they talk about it's hard to keep up. I did take a few notes on a couple of things that I found interesting, but did not stay on top of it like I did when reading 1st Kings.

Let's start with 2nd Kings 6:1-7

This talks about when Elisha went with the prophets and they started to build a new place to live and one man had an ax that he was borrowing from someone. As he worked, mid-swing, the axhead flew off and landed in the water of the Jordan. The man was upset because it was not his, so Elisha helped him to retrieve it by causing the axhead to float.

I know that this story seem completely insignificant to the other things we learn in the Bible, almost like this passage wasn't worth reading but it made me think about how God is in the little things, like helping someone to retrieve an axhead from the bottom of a river.

Then in the same chapter we see verses 24-29. This talks about how the famine in Samaria was so bad that it caused many of the people to turn to cannibalism. If the Israelites hadn't been so separated from God this would never even be a consideration. I mean in all honesty, it grossed me out. It's unfortunate and disgusting.

We finally reached the death of Jezebel in 2nd Kings 9:30-37. She was thrown from a window, trampled on by horses and then devoured by dogs and all that was left of her was her skull, her hands and her feet. Pretty graphic, I know.

There were few great kings and many evil ones. I guess many just found it easier in life to turn away from God. Many kings worshiped and sacrificed to idols, even their own children. God gave his people many chances to follow him before letting the Assyrians take over Israel and the Babylonians taking over Judah.

There is a lot more that happens within these chapters, a lot to take in. Next time I read it, I'll have to take it slower and do some cross referencing to really help it soak in, but for now, on to 1st Chronicles.