Thursday, June 23, 2011

Looking Up

I've been struggling a lot within myself over the last couple of months. I've been stressed, exhausted and spent everyday close to tears for no reason that I can really explain. It's been rough. When you add that I am a stay at home mom it can double and triple the stress. But, things are now turning around.

I'm feeling better. I've been laughing more, been smiling, been sleeping better... why? I don't know. Maybe I'm starting to come out of the valley and climb the hill. I can feel myself being motivated again. I'm reading again. I haven't been reading like I normally do for a while so it's nice to be reading again. I love to read and when I'm not it's weird. I've been sleeping better and can get myself up out of bed when the alarm goes off instead of turning it off and rolling over.

I'm hoping that I keep going up. I hope that I will keep on improving and venture back into the funk that I was in. I hope that through it all I can just keep smiling and laughing.